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Legal Marketing That Gets Results

Legal Web Design

Lawyers come to us so that we can solve a problem for them. That problem involves how to get more clients. A website is the first part of the solution, as it needs to be perfect to get that lead and not have them move on to the next attorney.


Search engine optimization involves techniques used both on and off of your website to increase your search engine ranking on Google. SEO strategies, such as backlinking, are the single most important factor in ranking your website and growing your revenue.

Local Search

When an individual is looking for a lawyer or law firm they are likely going to want a local one. Google has a box near the top of the search results that lists 3 relevant, local businesses with their address, phone number, and reviews. You want to be in that box.

Social Media

Everyone has a Facebook account these days, and most have Twitter. Social media is the perfect opportunity for attorneys to show off their legal knowledge and expertise. We manage and optimize social media posts for attorneys to maximize leads.

Legal Web Design That Is Your Top Marketing Tool. 

We are experts in law firm marketing, and we are dedicated to helping attorneys thrive through effective web design and proven internet marketing strategies.  

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We understand that companies do not want a website, they want revenue. We provide solutions that incorporate web design to boost profits and make money.  Schedule a 30 minute strategy meeting…for free!

Law Firms Have Options. Why Us?

Experts In Law Firm Marketing 

As a company dedicated to law firm marketing, we are experts in generating leads for attorneys.  Lawyers throughout the country come to us because they want to grow their law firm online and get more qualified leads. Our goal for every client is to exceed their expectations and do just that. Period.

Proven To Increase Rankings and Leads

Most legal web design companies focus on the visual aspect of the website and not on the function. Many people out there can design you a pretty website. However, not many know how to make it visible or effective. What good is your website if nobody can find it? We optimize your website so that it gets to the top of the search results and gets your visitors to take the actions you want them to. 

I Am An Attorney

You want to do business with someone who knows your market. I practiced law for ten years with my own law firm focused on personal injury and criminal defense. Using my marketing and web design expertise I found myself with over 500 clients within six months of opening my doors. I know use my legal experience and marketing expertise to get amazing results for law firms around the country. 

Increased Revenue  

Law firms come to us looking for solutions, not a website. The solution they are seeking typically involves growing their client base and, subsequently, their revenue. Whether your focus is personal injury litigation, criminal defense, or family law, we know exactly how to do that, and will create a strategic plan to help your law firm immediately. 


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